Your makeup & skincare cheatsheet to look zoom-ready at all times

Before this whole Covid-19 outbreak began, many of us wouldn’t have known what Zoom was, let alone how to make a Zoom call or take part in regular “House Party” calls with our friends. But with most of us working from home, video calls have become a regular thing. 
If you’re lucky, you get time to prep for your call. But sometimes, last-minute calls happen and you might not be looking your best when you receive a message from your colleague saying: “Video call in 5 minutes.”
Here are four quick and fuss-free tips to ensure that you’ll look your best in every video call from now on: 

Fake a flawless complexion: Base makeup
Video calls aren’t the most flattering and depending on what camera your phone or laptop has, it can even accentuate your skin imperfections. But no one wants to do a full face look when you’re staying in, so opt for a tinted moisturiser, brightening primer or lightweight BB cream that will even out the complexion and give it an instant glow. 

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