Where to Buy Roller Skates Online UK: 7 Best Adult Roller Skates

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a tonne of nostalgic pastimes make a resurgence. First came our obsession with tie-dye, then the renaissance of beaded jewellery and our inability to stop watching Disney+. There was also that time we ordered 19329 jigsaw puzzles, and the days when we couldn’t stop baking banana bread. We’re still not sure what that was all about. If you’ve completed all of the above, the next natural step is to take up roller skating. No, really. The retro pastime of skating is *actually* cool again. Need proof? All you need to do is take to TikTok, where you’ll likely find a whole host of impossibly cool and coordinated women twisting and twirling their way through parks or down their garden paths. There’s also the fact that pretty much *all* retro roller skates are sold out as a result. On every website. Everywhere. Who’d have predicted it?

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People on Twitter are mostly crediting L.A.-based actor and dancer Ana Coto for the massive spike in sales. She has been posting envy-inducing skating clips ever since lockdown began, but one clip in particular went viral. With 10 million views and counting, it showed her drifting down the street at golden hour to “Jenny From the Block” by J.Lo. It was enough alone to convince us we needed a pair of roller skates pronto. With our urgent desire to channel the 70’s-inspired sport in mind, we made it our mission to find out where to buy roller skates online in the UK that are still in stock. The result? An edit of seven of the very best pairs – bound to make you feel the coolest you’ve felt since, like… ever. There’s a bright purple pair by skate brand Rio available on John Lewis, and a pair of pastel pink in-line roller skates by Impala available to shop on Urban Outfitters. It’s there you’ll also find the holographic pair which will have you feeling like a Starlight Express cast member in no time. (We wish). Over on Amazon, skate brand Rookie have a white pair with mood-boosting orange wheels, as well as a bubblegum pink pair which we literally cannot stop thinking about. See you at the roller disco when normality resumes.Here are the best roller skates to shop. Now all you need is a blow-dry and some fluro leg warmers.

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