Where to buy face masks inspired by ‘Harry Potter’

Face masks have become increasingly common throughout the world in recent weeks.As a result, people are now selling face coverings inspired by fan-favorite books, movies, and TV shows.For example, you can buy numerous “Harry Potter”-themed masks on websites like Etsy.Some of them feature cartoon versions of characters from the series, and one changes color to reveal the Marauder’s Map.Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Whether you’re a Disney, “Schitt’s Creek,” or “Friends” fan, there’s a themed face mask on the market for you.The same goes for “Harry Potter” lovers. At the time of writing, numerous websites are selling face coverings inspired by the beloved book-and-movie franchise. Some of the masks feature cartoon versions of fan-favorite characters like Luna Lovegood, and one even changes color to reveal the Marauder’s Map.Though none of the masks listed below are considered medical-grade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public spaces where keeping a distance of six feet from others is difficult, as it can help non-symptomatic carriers from spreading viruses to others. The CDC has also released a guide to help people make their own face coverings at home. Here are seven “Harry Potter”-themed masks you can buy online.

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