What being a fit mum really means, according to these #fitspo mamas

“Being a fit mum to me basically means being mentally (or emotionally) and physically fit. We are our children’s pillar of support and being physically fit will mean we can be there 24/7 for them without a day of downtime. Also, being physically fit will translate to being mentally (and emotionally) fit.
“What does this mean? To me, my life after work is the most important, for that is time for my family, my kids. So the only time left on weekdays is lunchtime and it is reserved only for my passion, that is, yoga practice. I try to practise yoga daily whenever possible. To me, this precious daily one hour session is not only a time for me to stretch and sweat it out but more purposefully, it is my me-time, the time when I get to unwind, de-stress and a precious outlet for me to let go and let it be. This is what I mean by being mentally fit.
“Practising yoga, for me, is a precious time-out or an avenue for me to let go of whatever unhappiness or stress I may face at work or home. This way, I feel less tensed or edgy when I get home to face my hubby or kids.”
Fiona @fionacai, 36, is mum to two girls, aged three years and seven months.

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