Up your self-care game with these skincare routine essentials

We’re finally out of Singapore’s circuit breaker and gradually transitioning into the new normal. It’s been a period of emotional highs and lows – the stress of adapting to new schedules, working from home, all those virtual calls, staying indoors, and having to mask up when we do head out. 

All these stresses can overwhelm your skin, making it less resilient and more fragile. You see it in how your skin looks parched and dull, even though being out of a dry and cold office should help it look more radiant and healthy. You see it in how your complexion looks tired and drained, even though you’re not pulling in as much overtime as you used to. And you see this stress-skin connection in other areas too: redness, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Your skin is just plain unhappy. 

So it’s all the more important now to focus on self-care – the big and little things you do throughout the day that can help you heal, strengthen your soul and bring you happiness.

Here’s where an upgraded and ultra-nourishing skincare routine comes in. It helps your skin deal with the new and unexpected stresses during this period – so your complexion can make a comeback, looking brighter, better and healthier after circuit breaker. 

Not sure how to do it? Fret not, for we’ve done all the legwork. We put together this foolproof 6-step skincare routine with cult favourite brand, SK-II, that will provide a wealth of benefits for your skin and transform it into crystal clear radiance. Think of it as your skin, V2.0.

The star ingredient: PITERA™  

If you are wondering why SK-II, the answer is simple – PITERA™, the star ingredient behind the brand’s many formulations and the stuff of our (skin) dreams. Its legendary beginning starts with elderly sake brewers – while their faces were lined and wrinkled with age, their hands, which came into contact daily with the sake fermentation process, were surprisingly, soft, smooth and young-looking.

That discovery led to PITERA™. The ingredient comes from fermenting a strain of yeast that’s exclusive to SK-II, and offers a myriad of skin benefits. It is a natural ingredient consisting of more than 50 micro-nutrients, organic acids, amino acids and vitamins to help hydrate and soothe skin.

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