Tucker Carlson suggested Lil’ Nas X ‘helped incite’ riots

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson criticized celebrities like Lil Nas X, Janelle Monáe, and Halsey for donating to organizer bail funds and “paying to get violent rioters out of jail.” In particular, Tucker suggested Lil Nas X should have told his followers “to help small businesses destroyed riots he helped incite.”  “This man just lied and told millions of people on national television that I was inciting riots,” Lil Nas X tweeted. “You can’t make this up.”Celebrities like Seth Rogen quickly came to the young Grammy winner’s defense — “F— this pasty a——,” Rogan tweeted. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Janelle Monáe, Kehlani, and Harry Styles are part of an outpouring of celebrities who have donated to organizer bail funds, Civil Rights organizations, and other efforts to support the ongoing protests against police brutality and anti-blackness that have erupted across the US.But on Friday night, Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson suggested these celebrities are “paying to get violent rioters out of jail.” Carlson listed a number of prominent celebrities including Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, and Blake Lively for donating to various causes as pictures of their headshots scrolled quickly beside him.  In particular, Tucker suggested Grammy award-winning rapper Lil Nas X “helped incite” riots by telling his 4.7 million Twitter followers to donate to protester bail funds in Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. “Imagine if he’d used those followers instead to help small businesses destroyed by the riots he helped incite,” Carlson said. 

—nope (@LilNasX) June 6, 2020The 21-year-old tweeted a video of the broadcast along in response. “This man just lied and told millions of people on national television that I was inciting riots,” he tweeted. “You can’t make this up.”People were quick to slam Carlson for his comments, including celebrities like Halsey and Rogen. —Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) June 6, 2020 —h (@halsey) June 6, 2020Read More:

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