Tried & Tested: Jeanette Aw’s French butter cookies recipe

A warm, buttery scent wafts into your nose when you open the oven to get your cookies, though this might depend on the brand of butter that you choose to use.

My brother compares them to the danish butter cookies in a blue tin that we all grew up with, but fresher and better.

While they can be kept for longer consumption, my household’s verdict is that they are best sampled fresh out of the oven as its crumbles as soon as you pop them into your mouth when warm.

However, I did personally face difficulties with the dough as mine turned out looking wetter than the one in Jeanette’s video.

The dough stiffened after being chilled in the freezer, but it didn’t take too long to get soft again. And due to my small cookie cutters, I possibly spent close to an hour just cutting a whole lot of cookies, with trips to the freezer in between.

My number one tip: Use a bigger cookie cutter to lessen your pain.

Despite the differences in the texture of our uncooked dough, the results look pretty similar to Jeanette’s, if I dare say so myself. I’ll just need a bigger cookie cutter before I attempt this again.
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