Top K-dramas you need to watch in 2020

If you’re working from home and are enjoying every moment of it, congrats. I’m working from home and I’m enjoying it. And part of the reason I enjoy this WFH arrangement is because I can use the time I’ve saved on commuting and putting on makeup (here are “7 Things You Should Do To Switch Up Your Beauty Routine If You #WFH“) to watch Korean dramas. In fact, if I must say I’ve been pretty efficient about this—in the past month, I’ve finished watching five K-dramas and am currently watching three. Multi-tasking at its finest, aye?
And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one using this opportunity to catch up on K-dramas. But whether you’re just starting to work from home and need your K-drama fix, or don’t have that luxury but want to know what everyone else is watching, great news: we’ve asked the folks at Viu and Netflix to round up their most-streamed K-dramas in the past months so you can be in the know.
Scroll through the gallery so you know which ones to start streaming.

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