Tom Holland gave his brother a quarantine haircut on Instagram live

Tom Holland cut sibling Harry Holland’s hair during an Instagram livestream on Wednesday. The process took approximately 45 minutes, with the actor following a live tutorial from hairstylist Christine Nelli.The end result was surprisingly good, considering it was the first time Holland cut someone’s hair. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Tom Holland gave his younger brother a quarantine haircut during an Instagram live, and it went surprisingly well.On Wednesday, the 23-year-old Marvel star cut sibling Harry Holland’s hair during a livestream with celebrity hairstylist Christine Nelli, who’s previously groomed the actor for red carpet events and photoshoots. The Instagram live lasted approximately 45 minutes, with Nelli walking Tom through all the steps by cutting a mannequin’s hair. Harry began the livestream with long, curly hair that’s grown out since the coronavirus pandemic began.Here’s how Harry’s hair looked prior to the haircut:

Harry Holland decided that his hair needed a cut amid the pandemic.

Tom Holland/Instagram

Tom began by sectioning off the hair, separating the top half from the lower half. Using scissors, an electric trimmer, a comb, and water, he started cutting the back section of Harry’s hair as Nelli supervised. 

—Serena ᵇˡᵐ (@marvelhogwarts) May 27, 2020 Harry looked a bit unsettled and nervous as the actor cut the sides and tried to even out the back. Tom also jokingly said that the haircut “looks professional.””I’m actually doing you a solid,” Tom said. The haircut became a two-man job at one point, as Tom’s friend, Harrison Osterfield, stepped in to help trim. 

Tom Holland cut his brother’s hair.

Tom Holland/Instagram

“It’s all starting to come together,” the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” star said as he looked at the progress made. Even Nelli approved, telling Tom: “I’m actually shocked that it looks this good.”

Tom Holland gave his brother a haircut on a livestream.

Tom Holland/Instagram

Tom went on to follow the instructions to cut the top portion of his brother’s hair. There was also a brief moment of panic in which the actor thought that he accidentally cut his own hand. 

—Hannah (@_hannahgowans) May 27, 2020 Tom also admitted that he underestimated how many steps are involved in giving someone a haircut, saying: “There’s a lot to this.”—Hannahsarah Cameron (@HannahsarahCam2) May 27, 2020 After successfully cutting all the hair, Tom trimmed the neckline and admired his work. “I’m actually so proud of myself,” he said.Harry was also pleased, saying: “I think it looks fine, I’m quite happy with it.”

Harry Holland was pleased with the haircut his brother gave him.

Tom Holland/Instagram

Tom also shared a photo of the aftermath on his Instagram story after ending the livestream.

Tom Holland cut off a decent amount of his brother’s hair.

Tom Holland/Instagram

Harry posted a proper photo of his new look on Instagram.


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