The Best Hand Masks To Whizz Away Rough Patches & Leave Hands Silky Soft

Under normal circumstances, a hand mask might feel like a froufrou extravagance, but as we know, self care has become the horse and chariot carrying us sedately through weeks of lockdown. Not only because it fills the hours we’d otherwise be drinking vino with our mates at Pizza Express, but also because our hands have taken the brunt of scrupulous Covid-19 hygiene measures.If your palms currently resemble a cheese grater, you most certainly are not alone. Hence, some dedicated hand soothing action might be exactly what you need. In fact, even outside of lockdown, our hands are the hardest-hit area of our body, what with daily exposure to UV rays, surface germs, astringent soaps, wind, rain, sun – the whole gamut. So it makes sense that they deserve as much tender loving care as the skin on our face.

15 of the most delicious hand creams to slather on ASAP

Beyond hand creams (mighty effective for a quick hit of hydration during the day), hand masks hit things up a notch. Intelligent and forward-thinking solutions have made them a mini spa experience that you can tap up while you watch Netflix. Some even come in screen-compatible materials so you can keep scrolling while you marinate. So, how do you like the sound of a self-warming, intensely nourishing, vitamin soaked, hand cocoon? These are the best hand masks for whizzing away rough patches and leaving hands silky soft…

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