The Best At-Home Spray Tan Kits To Get A Glow

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Getting a professional spray tan is always a good idea – as well as delivering a streak-free, sunless glow overnight, the skilled experts administering the spray tan can even map out lighter and darker areas to create a contouring effect (hello instant abs!). And when at-home beauty services apps like Ruuby, Blow and Prettly launched, there wasn’t even the sticky, braless waddle home after the treatment.Of course, with salons shut and at-home treatments on hold for the foreseeable, we’re no longer to enjoy the benefits of professional beauty treatments. Luckily, just as we’ve learnt to give ourself facials as well as dye our own hair, with a little prep and a lot of practice, it is possible to give yourself an at-home spray tan.For those who rely on their regular tanning treatments, it might be worth investing in an at-home spray kit for the superior, streak-free results they can provide. Similar but smaller to the professional kits, spray kits contain a spray gun, which delivers an ultra-fine mist of false tan formula as well as all the wipes and mitts you’ll need for a flawless application.
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STEP 1: PREPFirstly, you’ll want to prep your skin for the application as you would with any false tan. Shave and exfoliate the day before, and make sure skin is clean and product-free before applying (remember to rinse off any deodorant or body lotions!). STEP 2: PREPARE YOUR KITThe last thing you need is to be running around trying to find your wipes when you’re covering in tanning formula, so make sure you have everything laid out and ready to use for fuss-free application. If you’re using a spray gun, you’ll need to set it up by slotting in the formula pack into the device and always lay down a large towel or sheet that you don’t mind getting stained as any excess mist will fall to the floor.STEP 3: APPLY A BARRIER CREAMNext, it’s always a good idea to apply a barrier cream to the areas that you don’t want to look tanned, for example, the palms of your hands and soles of your feet, as well as any areas where the formula tends to accumulate like elbows and knees. All you’ll need is a thin layer of petroleum jelly like Vaseline or a light moisturiser to protect these areas from the spray.
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STEP 4: SPRAY IN SWEEPING MOTIONSAlways keep the spray gun or applicator moving and never concentrate in one spot. For legs and arms, it’s a good idea to use large sweeping motions starting at the top of limbs and fading out. For the back, ask a friend or family member to help out, or else try to spray from one side into the spine, then swap and do the other same on the other side. STEP 5: CLEAN UPIf it’s your first few times, or you want to ensure a super smooth finish, you can always run a mitt over skin afterwards to blend away any potential streaks, and always wipe the palms of hands afterwards with a damp cloth.

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