The Artists Behind Black Lives Matter Illustrations on Instagram — Interviews

Miriam Mosqueda, a Brown, Queer, Indigenous (Chichimeca Guamare), poet, artist, community educator, and worker, also creates her art with solidarity at the forefront of her mind. Mosqueda, who is currently living as a guest on occupied Tuibun Ohlone land in the Bay Area, CA, posted an image of Tony McDade to her Instagram account stylized with flowers in warm golden tones with the caption, “Say his name – TONY MCDADE. Say his name – TONY MCDADE. Say his name – TONY MCDADE. Say his name – TONY MCDADE. We love you, we hold you! Hearts are heavy. Moving in ache and rage with y’all. #tonymcdade #blacktranslivesmatter” on Thursday, May 28, the day after he was killed by police in Tallahassee, Florida.Courtesy of Miriam MosquedaMosqueda tells Allure, “My art is created with the intent to honor and hold in love the humans whose lives are violently taken.” However, she also acknowledges that creating art is only one of the measures that folks can do to show up, and she urges artists to do whatever else they can in solidarity. Her words are important for all non-Black people to take to heart, of course, not just artists. “As artists, we also should understand that creating and sharing is only a part of solidarity; we also have to donate, show up at protests, make calls, send emails, listen, call out anti-Blackness in all spaces we’re in, put in work and live through tangible solidarity,” she says.Shirien DamraCarla Carrasco Ocampo

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