Support these local minority-owned businesses

Black Lives Matter is a movement that started in the US to fight racial inequality. In Singapore, it opened up a wider conversation, giving minorities in Singapore a chance to speak up on some of the microagressions many of them have faced in Singapore. In fact, according to a Straits Time survey in July 2019, many minorities in Singapore still experience workplace discrimination, especially when applying for jobs.

And while you can (and should!) be supporting global causes that matter to you, change can also start from home. First of all, if you have the privilege to be a part of the majority, you can lend your voice and platform when your own friends are sharing their experiences. Secondly, you can uplift people in the communities by showing your support for their businesses.

So, if you have a couple of dollars to spare, and are in the market for interesting and unique items, here are a couple of local fashion businesses that are definitely worth supporting.

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