Super flattering hairstyles for round face shapes

When it comes to face shapes, we know how confusing it can get, especially since there are so many different types of face shapes to go around. There’s diamond, oblong, square, round and plenty others we don’t want to bore you with. What’s most important is that you know how to identify the kind of face shape you have and what hairdos will complement your face the best.
Here, we zone in on all the deets about rounded face shapes: it’s circular and appears wider and shorter. People with a round face also have a lower hairline and a shorter chin. Those with round faces may be very focused on bringing the attention away from their faces, and while we’ve got some hairdos to do just that, we also think that flaunting your unique round faces may be just the way to go.
Read on to get the lowdown on the types of hairstyles you can try that are not only celeb-approved but will also give you the confidence to put your best face forward.

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