Soko Glam Launches Affordable Brand, Good (Skin) Days — Editor Review

“Only good (skin) days ahead” has long been the slogan and promise for K-beauty e-retailer Soko Glam since it launched in 2012. Eight years later, the phrase is taking on a new form as the name of a new skin-care brand. Good (Skin) Days launches today, June 22, with three innovative products — all under $26. They combine Korean beauty innovations with Soko Glam’s community feedback.Over the years, Charlotte Cho, the brand’s cofounder, says she realized through reviews and Soko Glam’s one-on-one skin consultations, its customers are extremely discerning, wanting to know every detail of its products down to where ingredients are derived from. With their curiosity and feedback, she worked with a team to create four clean, cruelty-free formulas from scratch to suit their needs: a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. In addition to the products’ affordable price points, the entire lineup is formulated with low pHs to make them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.Ahead of Good (Skin) Days’ launch, I was able to test out the A New Leaf Cream Cleanser ($16). You only need a pea-sized amount of the buttery formula for one-step cleansing. With a bit of water, it lathers up but doesn’t strip skin of moisture in the process. I feel like I’m washing my face with a mugwort rice cake every time I use it because the cleanser is flecked with the beloved green herb (and leaves my skin just as plump and soft). Mugwort has become a popular skin-care product in Korea as it’s smoothing and soothing for all skin types. Anti-inflammatory celery and green tea also make appearances on the gentle cleanser’s ingredient list.

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