Singapore’s circuit breaker ends: What you can and cannot do from June 2

Singaporeans will be able to access various healthcare services from June 2 but patients with more urgent medical needs will be prioritised.
For hospital-based care, specialist outpatient services, medical procedures and allied health services for patients with higher needs will resume.
raditional Chinese medicine needle acupuncture can resume for all conditions. Ayurvedic, chiropractic, osteopathic and other forms of traditional and complementary services for management of medical conditions and symptom relief are also allowed.
Dental procedures such as scaling and polishing, fillings, crowns, dentures and orthodontic treatment will also be allowed.
Services that can resume include:
– Specialist outpatient services
– Medical procedures
– Allied health services
– Community-based services
– Chronic disease management
Other medical procedures and services that can resume include:
– Surgical operations for advanced cataracts
– Joint surgery for patients with severe impairment
– Cancer screening and surveillance services
– Ongoing dental procedures but with measures to cut down creation of aerosols
– Diabetic foot screening
– Flu vaccination
– Complementary healthcare services for one-to-one sessions, but by appointment
– Traditional Chinese medicine needle acupuncture for all conditions

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