Shops in Singapore that provide to bags restoration and repair services

Getting your hands on your very first branded handbag is memorable. Finding its very first stain or tear however? Well, it is memorable… in the worst way possible. Seeing any item we use so often become damaged hurts really bad – especially if it was a gift from a loved one or a long-term investment. Unfortunately, sometimes our precious bags become victims of food or drink spillage. Our weather (yes the heat and humidity we experience on the daily) can also cause damage to our bags, from discolouration to the peeling of fabric.
As you can see, danger is lurking around every corner and we have to anticipate the worst. To help you out, we’ve collated a few shops in Singapore to solve any problem or complete any request you have – be it a broken zip, torn lining or if you want to change the colour of your bag entirely (yes, it’s possible!). Before sending in your bags for their touch-ups or transformations, do remember that these shops aren’t robots with a bag of fairy dust. While they strive for perfection, it’s not always attainable. Nevertheless, here are the shops which will save that brand new Louis Vuitton bag, or revive that classic Chanel that your mother gifted you. Follow them for updates on post circuit-breaker operations.
1. Dr. Bags One of the most trusted clinics for designer bags, Dr. Bags uses Korean technology, chemicals and techniques to provide the care and maintenance needed for your luxury bags. Besides that, they also tend to shoes and wallets. Dr. Bags offers four main services including its signature deep cleansing service – it is recommended to do this at least once every three months, since our bags are one of the most bacteria-filled items. The remaining services include coating your bag with a protective barrier (one of the shop’s most popular services), restoring the look of your bags by transforming them into a new colour or refreshing its current one, and repairing any wears and tears on your bags. The prices set you back by about $150 more or less, depending on your bag’s needs. You can easily get a quote by heading to the shop’s website and uploading a photo of your bag. Where: Plaza Singapura, Katong V, myVillage, United Square & Marina Bay Link MallWebsite: 6835 7375 (Plaza Singapura outlet) 2. Chan Yew Leather Artisans Equipped with the knowledge of a bag’s architecture, as well as leather accessory designs, the company not just makes handbags and belts from scratch, but it’s also been repairing bags since the ’80s. Having been in business for decades, Chan Yew has built a strong reputation within the luxury bags and watch industry. So you can trust that the folks at Chan Yew will have your bag back in mint condition in no time. While it doesn’t provide colouration or protection, it specialises in all sorts of repairs from stitching to changing handle pipings and replacing inner linings. You can get a quote by dropping them an email or by sending a message on Facebook. Compared to other places, the prices for repairing are lower but of course, it depends on the condition of your bag. Where: 65 Sims Avenue, Yi Xiu Factory Building, #07-11 S(387418)Website: customer.service@chanyewleathers.comContact: 6748-9679 3. MyBagSpa Photo: 123rf Local entrepreneur Chan Pei Lin grew up with the habit of cleaning her bags and shoes on a regular basis. However once she went into the workforce, she lived a busy lifestyle and didn’t have time to treat her bags. After discovering her bags wears and tears, she realised her usual homemade tricks wouldn’t work, since they were now made of more delicate materials. That’s how MyBagSpa came about. Rescuing busy women like us who can’t afford the time to clean or repair bags, MyBagSpa offers women with busy lifestyles the chance to revive our bags ‘till they’re clean and fresh. The shop focuses on cleaning stains, colour restoration and removing smells (yes that too!), but if your bags needs to be mended, they do offer some repair services as well – but be sure to contact them first. If you don’t have the time to send your bag down, you can arrange for it to be delivered to them by any courier of your choice. You can also send other items like your wallet, shoes, jackets and even sunglasses too if they’re in need of a little maintenance. Simply call or Whatsapp them to get a quote. Where: Far East Plaza, #02-75Website: http://www.mybagspa.comEmail: enquiry@mybagspa.comContact: 9647-8884 4. Sleek Services Photo: 123rf Run by husband and wife team Richard and Joann, Sleek Services is the one-stop shop for a handful of repair needs. The shop, located in the heartlands, not just provides bag and luggage repair. It also provides shoe services, key and locksmith services, as well as remote control microchips for your car keys, motorcycle keys and autogates for your home. Sleek aims to provide efficient, top-quality service with materials from Germany and the latest equipment. More importantly, it does it at a price that won’t put a huge hole in your wallet – which is why so many people love Sleek. So if you’re in urgent need of hardware repair for your bag, this is where to head to. Some of the services provided for bags include cleaning, stitching, dyeing and repairing buttons. If you require more services for your bag, drop them a text and they’ll advise and quote you accordingly. Before heading down, be sure to contact them and make an appointment as they may be out for house calls. Where: Blk 214 Bedok Central, #01-185 Singapore 460214 (Next to Pizza Hut)Website: 6442 0649 5. Colorwash The household name is dedicated to improving customers’ health and wellness, one belonging at a time. How so? Our bags and shoes are exposed to hundreds of bacteria everyday. If we don’t clean them often, they sneak into the little nooks and crannies that a simple wipe down won’t reach. Colorwash also supports sustainability by using non-toxic detergents or chemicals to clean your belongings – meaning that your skin is safe from exposure. It also uses energy-saving machines, which aggressively filter particles that are by-products of colouring and drying, thus reducing air pollution and carbon footprint. Its services include cleaning, colouring, touch-ups and protection for not just bags, but for shoes and wallets as well. Aside from that, Colorwash sells products to help you care for your leather goods. Where: Alexandra Retail Centre, Mandarin Gallery, One Raffles PlaceWebsite: 6235 9130 (Mandarin Gallery outlet) Photo: 123rf 6. Honest Crafters After dropping thousands of dollars on a designer bag, it makes sense to pay for its upkeep so it will last. Honest Crafters offers a wide range of repair and cleaning services such as repairing stitching, lining and handles, replacing hardware parts, ridding your bag of mould and recolouring leather. Naturally, they also offer cleaning and conditioning. Prices start at $10 for fixing a loose thread, to about $500 for replacing a bag’s piping. It’s also channeled its bag-building expertise into a customisation service where you can design and create your own bags. Where: Raffles City Shopping Centre, #02-08/8AWebsite: 9787-9271 (via Whatsapp) 7. Cleanique With a clientele that includes luxury boutiques like Coach, Aigner, Miu Miu, Coach and Valentino, you can be sure your leather goods are in safe hands. To restore your faded bags, purses and luggages, Cleanqiue meticulously sprays on the colour instead of using a brush to get an even coat, and promises a long lasting effect. Re-colouring services start from $180 while cleaning is priced from $60. And so you can maintain the lustre of your arm candy at home, it also offers environmentally-friendly leather and fabric care products. Outside of peak periods like Chinese New Year, you can expect cleaning to take about one to two weeks, while colouring and reparation will take between two to 10 weeks. Website: 6887-3513 8. Bagsbutler Beyond cleaning, restoring and mending your fatigued bags, purses and shoes, you’ll be able to arrange for a specialist to drop by your home for a personalised consultation, whether to have them examine your bag’s condition or to ask for storage advice. Repair work includes that of bag piping, broken stitches and leather joints, as well as replacing the fabric lining of zippers and touching up the colour (for scuffing, minor colour fades and slight stains.) You can also ask for a full colour restoration. Pick up and delivery are complimentary with no minimum spending. Website: sales@bagsbutler.comContact: 6602-8198 Photo: Jeeves’ Facebook 9. Jeeves Founded in London in 1969, this premium dry cleaning brand also provides a cleaning and colour restoration service for both fabric and leather bags. It combines hand-cleaning and specialised equipment together with delicate agents to refresh your bags, and with eco-friendly techniques, too. For faded bags in need of a touch-up, the brand uses imported European dyes, and all bags are top-coated to preserve its finish and feel. Schedule a complimentary pick-up and delivery via its website, and you’ll even get real-time updates via email, too. Where: Various locations including Pacific Plaza, Bukit Timah, North Bridge Road and River Valley.Website: 6264-5628 10. Shukey The name Shukey might sound familiar if you’ve ever had to duplicate a key. Having been around for about 25 years, Shukey offers a range of services from shoes repair, bag repairs to belts and accessories repair. Where: Suntec City ( #B1-125) and Lucky Plaza (#01-99) Website: Contact: +65 9108 3135 Need a new bag? Check out these must-have bags that are worthy of the investment.

10 shops in Singapore that provide bag restoration and repair services

Investment bags every working woman needs by 30

Bottega Veneta Jodie
With all the massive hype surrounding Bottega Veneta’s Pouch bag, the brand’s newest releases of bags and accessories never fail to hit the sartorial mark in attaining cult-status popularity amongst A-listers and the fashion crowd.
Bottega Veneta’s Jodie bag happens to be one of the recent It-bags that we think may have serious staying power. The Jodie bag can be thought of as a re-release of the brand’s iconic Hobo bags which also sport the intrecciato weave and slouchy silhouette – but it would be more accurate to think of it as a modern contemporary reimagination of the longstanding classic.
It got its name from Jodie Foster, who once used the brand’s Hobo bags to shield her face from the paparazzi. A functional design boasting the same “squishy” pillow-soft look that propelled the Pouch to fame, we think that Bottega Veneta’s Jodie bag is one of those bags that will remain timeless even in years to come.

Bottega Veneta

Balenciaga Hourglass
Introduced in late 2019, Balenciaga’s Hourglass bag has a distinctive silhouette which gives it the potential to firmly ingrain itself in the consciousness of consumers readily, allowing it to resonate as an instant icon which will stand the test of seasonal trends. It has sharp and sleek lines, a curvilinear base, and it is finished with a long flap closure with a subtle “B” logo accent.
The Hourglass comes in a variety of styles and sizes, from an XS top handle version in baby pink to a hot pink croc-embossed sling bag piece with a longer strap and even a couple of styles that are more in line with Balenciaga’s irreverent aesthetic – clad in haphazard graffiti prints. Though those designs are undeniably cool, we’d recommend investing in a more classic design in polished black or white calfskin as those tend to have greater staying power.


Celine Teen Triomphe in watersnake patchwork
Celine’s Triomphe bag made its first appearance alongside creative director Hedi Slimane’s debut collection in late 2018. A defining characteristic of the Triomphe is the “Blazon Chaine” emblem that’s used as the clasp: two Cs separated by art deco-esque etchings in the middle. The Triomphe emblem has a deeply rooted history that’s intertwined with the House – it was adopted as a logo in 1973 when the founder of the House, Celine Vipiana, stopped in front of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe and was inspired by the chain links barricading the monument. Though it was discontinued in 2008, the emblematic logo is an undeniable classic that acts as an opulent detail for the Triomphe bag.
Available in three sizes – Teen, Medium, and Large, the Triomphe is crafted from luxuriously soft leather, sports a clean boxy silhouette and has an adjustable shoulder strap which allows you to carry it cross-body style or hung on the shoulder. This version of the Triomphe is crafted from watersnake skin in a stunning colour contrasting patchwork design; it’s a definite show-stopper that’s perfect if you’re looking for something elegant but unusual.


Valentino Supervee crossbody bag
Coined the “Supervee” bag, Valentino’s new (it was unveiled last year in December 2019) crossbody style bag is characterised by its supersized “VLogo” clasp. Sporting a cute compact shape that is short in height but wider lengthwise, the Valentino Supervee has a spacious compartment with two fold-out slip compartments and a wide shoulder strap.
Practical and contemporary, the Supervee is a great number that’s classy and not too flashy. Seen in bright colours like neon blue, on-tend beige raffia, and sharp classic tones like aubergine, the Supervee continues to be updated with new colourways and interesting fabrics every season. The all-white version crafted from smooth calfskin is a sophisticated and modern number that we’re currently obsessing over.


Bvlgari Serpenti Forever with “Million Chain” motif
Just like how Bvlgari’s jewellery pieces are artful and exquisite, the luxury brand’s Serpenti Forever handbags each feel like a precious masterpiece, amassing a significant and niche fanbase.
The Serpenti Forever bag series features distinctive geometric lines, mosaic-design Serpenti head closures made from black and white enamel, and a range of silhouettes from rectangular crossbody to trapezium-shaped top handle models.
This crossbody version from Serpenti Forever universe is a unique work of art that showcases the iconic Serpenti closure with black onyx “snake eyes” instead of the usual green malachite. It is bedecked in light gold-plated chains against white agate calf leather, creating a divine, luxurious feel. Another key detail that sets it apart from the other bags in the collection is the white gold-plated chain strap inspired by the sinuous shape of a snake and etched with snakeskin-like scales.


Guirlande de Cartier
Remember the opulent red purse seen all over the social media pages of fashion influencers in 2018? ICYMI, that Instagram-worthy bag is Cartier’s Guirlande de Cartier, inspired by the iconic red case Cartier uses for its jewellery and watches, such as their equally iconic Juste un Clou and Love bracelets, and Baignoire watch.
The Guirlande de Cartier comes in three sizes (mini, S and M) and is fashioned from a supple calfskin upper and a buttery black calfskin lining. The perimeter of the bag is beautifully adorned with the maison’s signature golden wreath, introduced in the 18th century.
It has two straps – a top handle, and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. Functional? Check. Versatile? Check. The mini and S sizes are available in red, black and green, while the M size comes only in black and red.


Fendi Kan I
Joining the ranks of Fendi’s past It-bags which include the Peekaboo and Baguette bag, the Kan I bag brings a breath of fresh air to Fendi’s archives of bags with its sleek silhoutte and fun styles.
Introduced in 2017, this boxy flap bag with a round top handle and the new Fendi logo plague punctuated in the center comes in many innovative and colourful styles with the house’s famed candy coloured studs.
Our favourite is this cream and chocolate-hued edition with a ‘FF’ carpet embroidery panel. Showcasing logomania at its best, this soon-to-be classic has both of Fendi’s signature elements: a netural colour palette and a sophisticated play on the FF logo.

Chloe Pixie
Punctuated with hammered double bracelet handles and brass hardware, this AW’17 runway favourite conjures the spirit of its similar-looking predecessor: the Nile bag. But this ’60s inspired statement accessory holds its own  with its outstanding features.
The Pixie is shaped perfectly round with a textural exterior of suede and contrasting grained leather half-moon panels. With its classic equestrian details and architecturally exquisite form, we predict that this standout bag from Chloe will be a mainstay in every fashion girl’s wardrobe for years to come.

Saint Laurent Lou Lou
Introduced in 2017, Saint Laurent’s Lou Lou shoulder bag features a chain strap, a v-shaped front flap, matelassé quilting effect and the label’s iconic silver-tone metal monogram plastered front and centre. It was named after muse and style icon Loulou de La Falaise – indicating, perhaps, that it would come to be as timeless as its namesake some years down the road.
The chain strap is also adjustable. Meaning: You can switch it from a shoulder bag to a cross-body style according to the occasion. A bag’s versatilty is always a good measure in determining it to be a “forever bag” that’s worth the investment.

Loewe Gate Bag
Loewe’s Gate bag first garnered the attention of fashion connoiseurs when it was first shown on the runway of SS’18. Its shape informs of a classic saddle design – but elevated with a contemporary edge, giving it a modern equastrian look.  Petite and chic, this new bag is sure to join the house’s existing list of icons with its distinctive rounded design and a unique knotted front belt with contrasting decorative stitches.
The versatile Gate comes in a repertoire of rich and interesting colourways. That, together with its timeless functionality, renders it perfect for every single type of woman with every single type of taste.

Givenchy Horizon
If there’s any bag of Givenchy’s that deserves the most airtime right now, it’s the beautifully unadorned, minimalistic and sleek Horizon. Ever since its first appearance on the Pre-Fall 2016 runway, the tote-style satchel with a banded detail at the handle base has become a favourite staple amongst many. Incorporating the horizontal stripe native to their now famed graphic T-shirts, Givenchy’s Horizon has a wide leather panel interlacing the sides of the bag as an all-around belt accent. It also comes in 4 sizes to date: Medium, Small, Mini and Nano.
Built to last, as a testament to the brand’s detailed execution of quality control, the Horizon is nothing but the epitome of simplicity at its finest.

Multicoloured Hermes Birkin
The Hermes Birkin needs no introduction. Otherwise known amongst the fashion tribe as ‘The Holy Grail’ of investment handbags, this classic has always been the go-to option for any woman who’s been eyeing designer bags. For its Resort 2018 collection, Hermes gave its iconic bag a twist: colourful pipings. Presented in bright colors with contrasting borders and colorblock pattern, these new designs will surely be a must-have.
They’re a less serious, less “by-the-book” iteration of the former classic, and they’re perfect for those who’d prefer to show off some personality with their investment pieces.

Large calfskin Lady Dior Bag
Dior’s iconic bag, the Lady Dior, features all the hallmarks of Dior leather goods: soft lambskin topstitched with the iconic Cannage motif, rounded handles and D.i.o.r charms.
Reinterpreted in Dior’s Cruise 2018 collection with a larger size, off-white Canyon grained lambskin, and the signature charms in aged silver-tone metal and mosaic in turquoise, this bag has already established itself as a decade-enduring classic with its timeless form and understated elegance.

Moynat Rejane (Singapore version)
Last year in early September 2017, Moynat hit our shores as the brand opened ‘Moynat Singapore’ – the brand’s first in Southeast Asia. In lieu of this opening, Moynat designed a Singapore exclusive – the Rejane bag reworked with some extra-special touches, just for us (you can read all about this is detail here). Crafted out of materials sourced from Singapore (specifically from Heng Long Crocodile Farm), the Rejane has been given a Crocodile Céramique finish. True handbag cognoscente may know the Rejane as the first handbag ever to be pronounced a celebrity (yes, even before the days of Birkins and Alexas), but this new rendition is a captivating must-own collector’s item for us Singaporean ladies.

Gucci Ophidia
Gucci’s Ophidia bag, which came down the runway during the Cruise 2018 presentation, is designed to a domed shape reminiscent of the house’s 1970s designs. The newest addition to the GG family has all the makings of a timeless must-have; it’s versatile, roomy enough to carry all your daily essentials and features the House’s signature imprint: the tonal brown GG supreme canvas.
It’s has an inlaid Web-stripe detail, a crackled-leather effect trim, logo pull-tab charms, and even has cardholders on the inside for organisation purposes. See it up close on video here.

Chanel vanity case
The Chanel code is omnipresent in this new full-grain leather vanity case-style shoulder bag from the Spring Summer 2018 pre-collection: polished quilted leather, the signature chain strap, and an XL double C stitching.
Mirroring the boxy silhouette trend that’s ubiquitous across the season, this bag takes the cake as the ultimate must-have for years to come with its classic Chanel elements and sophisticated appeal.

Louis Vuitton Bento Box
No one does a monogram quite like how Louis Vuitton does it. Just look at the brand’s famed Neverfull, and you’ll know what we’re getting at here: Louis Vuitton bags are hardly ever an afterthought; they’re a true coveted classic, highly sought after with its signature Monogram Reverse canvas and gleaming gold hardware. This newly released Bento Box has both those things. 
Having made its first ever appearance on the Cruise 2018 runway, this key statement bag features both a handle and a strap for hand, shoulder or crossbody wear. The namesake bag (Bento) was crafted to recall the vertical rectangular body and short handle of its inspiration.

Prada Cahier
Named Cahier, which is french for notebook, this Prada bag first debuted on the runway of Fall 2016 and has been regarded as an ‘It bag’ amongst street style stars and fashion insiders everywhere. Inspired by the bindings of an antique book, it’s structured box-shaped form renders it as the perfect mix between classic and contemporary. The range has been selling well since its first launch a couple of seasons back, with limited number of pieces for sale each time around whenever a new design launches.
Prada’s Resort 2018 collection features the Cahier with Liberty prints and illustrations from Taiwanese-American visual artist James Jean, but we still think that the original black leather Cahier with gold hardware will be a long-staying classic synonymous with millenial tastes.

Text: Alyaa Iman Imran and Ng Yi Lian. Additional reporting: Michelle Lee

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