Phase 2: 6 things to know about makeup and skincare shopping now

4. No more product testers and other in-store servicesBesides removing product testers, other services such as product demonstrations, makeover services and skincare consultations will be suspended.
Yes, we know, a big part of being a beauty junkie is the thrill of experiencing the above at the store. The beauty stores know this and have come up with alternatives for you.
How will you know if the product is suitable for you? The good ol’ way, by approaching the staff to get your questions answered.
At the same time, The Body Shop and Skin Inc are going one step further: you can ask for sample sachets to try the products at home (subject to availability, of course).
Sephora too, has come up with creative ways to make your in-store shopping experience enjoyable and safe. When you’re inside the store, you can use their Scan to Interact feature on Sephora’s mobile app (available on the App Store or Google Play). Scan the product’s barcode or a QR code in that area of the store, to bring up product information and reviews.

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