Parenting YouTuber Myka Stauffer rehomed adopted son Huxley: timeline

Over the last six years, Myka Stauffer has become a popular parenting YouTuber and lifestyle influencer, boasting over 700,000 subscribers. Since starting her channel in 2014, Stauffer has shared parenting tips, home organization tutorials, updates on her pregnancies and children, and her “adoption journey.”In a series of videos, the YouTuber and her husband revealed their plans to adopt, updated subscribers on their process of navigating an international adoption, and shared their son’s progress as he adapted to his new home and family. In a recent video, the influencer and her husband told viewers that they had placed the boy in a new home that could better address his medical needs.Since posting the video, Stauffer has received intense backlash online, with critics questioning the monetization of her lifestyle, her parenting abilities, and her lack of transparency online.  Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Since founding her YouTube channel in 2014, Myka Stauffer has established herself as a popular parenting vlogger, lifestyle influencer, and international adoption advocate. The one-time mother of five from Columbus, Ohio racked up a dedicated 700,000-subscriber following with her home organizing tutorials, parenting and homeschooling tips, and an emotional video series chronicling her adoption journey and the realities of parenting a child with developmental disabilities and autism. Her digital brand proved to be lucrative, as she secured high-profile partnerships and sponsorships with companies like Danimals and Dreft.  Stauffer’s most recent content, however, has thrust her into the spotlight beyond her select YouTube following. In her latest video, she and her husband, James, revealed that they were no longer parents of five, but rather parents of four. Nearly three years after adopting a son, Huxley, from China — and sharing updates on his progress in monetized videos — they announced their decision to place him in a new home that would be better equipped to address his medical needs. Since posting the video on May 26, the couple has received intense backlash online from critics accusing them of ‘giving away’ their child, exploitation, and problematic parenting.  Here’s a timeline of the YouTuber’s content creation that stirred up controversy online. 

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