New Jersey woman hospitalized after face mask altercation

A 54-year-old New Jersey woman, Margot Kagan, was hospitalized after a mask confrontation that occurred at a local Staples on Wednesday. New Jersey authorities are searching for the woman who threw Kagan to the ground after she asked her to put her mask on. According to Hackensack’s Police Department’s Captain Darrin DeWitt the woman “violently” threw Kagan to the ground and left the store, NBC reported. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

A  54-year-old woman was hospitalized after a violent face mask confrontation after she was thrown on the ground at a New Jersey Staples. NBC News reported that the incident occurred at around 3:19 pm at a Staples in Hackensack, New Jersey, and was caught on surveillance video. The victim, Margot Kagan, who walks with a cane and recently had liver surgery, was using the fax machine when another woman started to use the machine next to her, according to the report. Kagan asked the woman to put her mask on after she saw it was below her mouth, NBC reported. 

“The suspect became angry and yelled at the victim who picked up her walking cane and pointed it directly at the suspect, coming within inches of the suspect’s chest, ” said Hackensack Police Department’s Capt. Darrin DeWitt, NBC reported. DeWitt said the woman “violently” threw Kagan to the ground and left the scene. According to DeWitt, Kagan was sent to a local hospital and suffered from a fractured left tibia, NBC reported. New Jersey authorities are seeking help from the public to identify the suspect. —Hackensack Police NJ (@HackensackPD) July 31, 2020 As of July 27, Staples requires all customers and staff to wearing face coverings. 

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