Naomi Campbell and Pat McGrath on Foundation, Colorful Makeup, and the Divine Rose Collection — Interview

Imagine a world where Naomi Campell is your biggest fan. She hypes up your technicality, raves about your creations like they’re pieces hung in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and acts like it’s a national holiday every time you drop a new product. Only Pat McGrath can relate.Sure, Campbell has just named the first-ever face of Pat McGrath Labs alongside the launch of the new Divine Rose collection, but her praise of the legendary makeup artist is backed by nearly three decades of friendship and respect.In August 1994, the duo met at an i-D Magazine shoot with Kate Moss. The set was the streets of New York City’s Meatpacking District after dark and marked one of McGrath’s first shoots in the city. She was “dying” to meet Campbell. The model was relieved to finally find a makeup artist who understood how to work with her complexion. Between looks, they popped into delis for snacks and ordered noodles and diner food. “It was just the three of us, all from South London. To be together was so much fun,” Campbell tells Allure. Basically, the night sounded like the pilot episode of my new favorite TV show. Please give me six seasons of it and a movie.As I sat on the Zoom call with them — the names Omi C and Pat McGrath popping up on my screen — one would go on a tangent, and minutes later, the other would circle back to the original point. A thread truly runs between their conversations and timelines. It glints trio-chrome like the hypnotizing emerald/copper/crimson shade Sextraterrestrial in the new Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VIII Artistry Eyeshadow Palette (aka the Divine Rose II Palette). I patiently listened as the chat bounced back and forth between the icons like a fly on the wall, only piping in when I was curious about something.ALLURE: When you first met, did you guys sense you’d be so connected all these years later?NAOMI CAMPBELL: I did!PAT MCGRATH: Me too.CAMPBELL: For me, in my career, up until that point, I think I’d only worked with two other makeup artists of color. One was Reggie Wells, and the other was Frank Cooper, so I was so happy for so many reasons. Not only just to finally get to work with someone that didn’t make me bring my own foundation and explain anything, but also to sit in the chair and just feel safe and trust. On top of it, she has this incredible personality — a nurturing mother spirit. That’s why we call her Mother. So I did, and I very much wanted to be. I consider Pat my chosen family.MCGRATH: It just felt natural, like we’d known each other forever and ever in a way, right? I think doing Naomi’s makeup, for me, it’s so easy. We were doing that glowing skin the first time.CAMPBELL: Yeah, it was dewy.MCGRATH: All dewy and highlight-y.CAMPBELL: Which is what I love Pat’s makeup: it’s never heavy. I think I can honestly say, in the ’90s and first started working, I wore so much makeup my first five years of modeling. I got to understand as I got older, that less makeup is best. You can still do beautiful skin and not have it caked on. You don’t want it to look like a mask, and Pat never makes your skin look like a mask. What I love about Pat is she puts skin first. Pat can spend hours on skin and getting it perfect. Then comes the rest of it.

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