Local actress Ya Hui admits wanting plastic surgery

Local actress Ya Hui charms viewers on the small screen with her radiant complexion, perfect features and cherubic smile.
However, the 33-year old recently admitted to Lianhe Wanbao that she wasn’t always happy with the way she looks as her double eyelids weren’t that prominent.
To that end, she actually scheduled an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon in South Korea to go under the knife but changed her mind after she was told that she was pretty enough.
On May 27, Ya Hui posted a bare-faced selfie, marking her 3,000th Instagram post that detailed her thoughts about beauty. She wrote: “Everyone is seeking perfection. But what is perfection? Big eyes, double eyelids, sharp nose, pouty lips, V-shape face? There’s no definite answer to that.
“Just be confident of who you are. Because we are unique individuals. Don’t be a clone. Be YOU. And. This is me. With #nomakeup and #nofilter.”
Ya Hui wanted the post to be meaningful and decided to share her beliefs on chasing aesthetic perfection, she told the Chinese evening daily. After all, she confessed that her confidence in her looks has diminished since she made her showbiz debut as a finalist in Star Search 2007.
“My eyes have always troubled me. When I was filming in the past, I would rub my eyes to make my double eyelids more obvious. Everyone said that you should have big eyes, it must be expressive, and it’s best to have double eyelids.”
About six years ago, she finally made the decision to travel to Seoul and get some work done. But during a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, he told her: “You are beautiful the way you are. You don’t need cosmetic surgery.”
And she walked out of the clinic happy without getting any aesthetic treatment.

Ya Hui said: “I was fortunate to have met a benefactor, and I became more confident after that. My double eyelids also slowly became more prominent.”
When asked if she is still considering cosmetic surgery, she laughed and said she’s “scared of pain”. Even squeezing her pimples during regular facial treatments is painful for her, so she can’t get work done on her face.
“A lot of people have said my cheeks are fat, and others have suggested getting botox injections, but I’ve already been in the business for so long and I have my supporters. Aunties and uncles love watching my shows and the audience have accepted my looks.
“Though I’m not perfect, I’m not that bad either. I’ll just be myself, there’s no need to change. If I get work done and look like someone else, then no one will recognise me,” she replied.
Even though Ya Hui may have chosen not to go under the knife in the end, here are some local personalities who decided to go for the occasional nip and tuck.

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