Korean actors Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee split after 3 years of marriage

Chinese Internet celebrity Grace Chow has confirmed what many people have suspected – she has broken up with Taiwanese pop star Show Lo, reported The Straits Times.
Lo, 40, and Chow, 31, have been dating for nine years with talk of marriage even, but rumours of their break-up have been circulating since early this year, with netizens pointing out their lack of interactions on social media since January.
On Thursday morning (April 23), Chow wrote an explosive post on Weibo, accusing the singer of cheating on her and having improper relationships with several women.
“The break-up began when I looked through your mobile phone,” Chow wrote. “You told me more than once that the most important thing for two people who are together is mutual trust, and looking at each other’s mobile phone will break this trust.”
“I have been listening to you for nine years and have not scrolled through your phone. But this time, for some reason, I scrolled through it, and I am glad I have done so, ” she continued.
The influencer, who is nicknamed “Little Angelababy”, disclosed in the post that Lo has another mobile phone which he uses to flirt with other women, and that he had invited other women to their home when she was not around.
Chow added that Lo had invited women to his hotel when he visited foreign cities, and accused him of having improper relationships with actresses under his wing.
She said she regretted forgiving him the first time when she caught him cheating on her. She added that she continued to forgive him despite his repeated betrayals as she thought she could change his philandering ways.
Chow said she wanted to be a good ex-girlfriend by keeping silent, but decided to expose him as she suspected the other women have been in the dark about his womanising.
Lo reacted to her post and said he would not explain further, but would reflect on his mistakes.
– Reporting by Lim Ruey Yan

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