I Used Instagram As A Gratitude Diary For A Week—Here’s How It Felt

There were still days of disappearing into a black hole of self-pity, where I felt convinced there was nothing to be grateful for. I gently reminded myself of the commitment I made and took a photo of the sparkling water I was drinking. As I wrote the caption, I realized how many gratitudes the image captured: a painting I love, a bust of a comic book character, thriving houseplants. There are more, even within that small square. Taking those 15 minutes to identify a gratitude, take a photo of it, and upload it with a simple hashtag turned out to be a reset button for my wallowing brain.I’m still posting using the hashtag to remind myself that it’s not just the pretty things that we should be grateful for. And it’s not just things, either. I have a home that supports me, a neighborhood that energizes me, hobbies that remind me of who I am.When I open up my profile page, I’m less focused on how polished it looks. Instead, I see an album of what really matters to me. I enjoy re-visiting the day I discovered gratitude for an old journal, for finding a missing ring, for flowers resting in a Brita pitcher because they were too large for a vase. These photos may not have meaning to you, but they have meaning to me. That’s okay. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about what others believe about me. It’s about what I believe about myself.So I invite you: to let your guard down a little. In lieu of a comment, take some time to post something that you’re grateful for and tag it with #tgtjournal. Share something that speaks to you without the worry of what others will think about it. I’ll keep an eye out and say hello. ?

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