How Translucent Powder Makes Brow Pencil Glide on Smoother — Expert Tip

You’re filling in your arches with a brow pencil, but wait, the pigment isn’t sticking to your skin. No matter what you do, it’s like it somehow dried out. O’won, a model based in Seoul, South Korea, faced the same predicament and assumed he was just using a cheap product. However, in a video he recently posted on his YouTube channel, he shared a genius tip that will make any pencil easily glide on.Makeup artist Sujin from Seoul’s Kowon salon once told him how to avoid such a problem. Before picking up your favorite pencil, press translucent powder onto your brow area with a sponge. (O’won and Sujin’s pick is the Chanel Poudre Lumière Glacée, but any will do, even these drugstore picks.)O’wonAs O’won explains in his video around the 6:15 mark, your brow area can get tacky from all the products you slathered on before getting to that step of your makeup routine: moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation. “If you draw on wet pigskin with a [crayon], what would it be like?” He asked, painting an interesting picture. “It will not be really showing.”New York City-based Yuui Vision backs O’won’s tip, adding, “The point of the powder is to take out moisture from the brow hair. Moisturizer might prevent you from smooth brow application.”For peak pencil performance, make sure the powder is pressed between your brow hairs, she adds. To do so, Vision suggests sponging it on starting from the tails of your brows and moving inward. The powder will be more evenly distributed onto your skin if you go in the opposite direction from which your hair grows. Then, brush off excess powder and let them sit for a bit before drawing on your pencil.If you’re following up your pencil application with a brow gel, though, Vision recommends skipping the powder and wiping off your brows with a tissue because the combination of gel and powder can become gooey.Either way, you’ll notice drawing on your brow pencil (O’won’s favorite is the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Pencil in 08) will be so much more effortless and effective.All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.Read about more about brow grooming:Now, watch Sabrina Carpenter’s 10-minute makeup routine:Follow Devon Abelman on Twitter and Instagram.

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