How to introduce a dog to a cat

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GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

Dogs and cats are more comfortable together when they have been introduced properly.Introduce your cat and dog by scent and sound first and reward them for calm behavior in the presence of each other.When your pets are ready to share a space, be sure your cat has plenty of options for hiding and climbing.Here’s how to introduce a dog to a cat broken down step by step.Read more: what to buy for a new dog or foster and what to buy for a new cat
As a dog trainer with nearly a decade of experience, I frequently get asked the best way to stop a new dog from harassing the family cat. It’s natural for a dog to be extremely interested in a  quick-moving, funny-smelling cat. It’s the responsibility of the humans in the home to shape their overarousal into calmer, more respectful behavior.Gradual introductions combined with desensitization and counterconditioning training can mean the difference between chaos and harmony in a mixed cat-and-dog household. The process should have at least four phases, beginning with the cat and dog smelling and hearing each other through closed doors. Altogether, the introduction should take at least a week. For younger and highly excitable dogs, it may take several weeks for both pets to be comfortable sharing the same space. 

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