How to Do Heatless Curls and Waves at Home — Expert Tips

This technique, according to Marjan, will allow you to customize your waves and curls more than your standard set of rollers. It can also help you achieve a more modern hairstyle as opposed to an old-Hollywood vibe — unless, of course, that’s what you’re into. “The length of socks, bathrobe ties, and tights mean the hair doesn’t have to wrap around itself,” Marjan says. “This means you are more likely to create waves than old school curls.”BraidsOn the other hand, wearing your hair in braids overnight can achieve laid-back, textured waves by morning. “On damp hair, I would split your hair in two and create two French braids going down each side,” Arruntegui says. “Once the hair is braided, I would pull the braid apart so you get a looser wave and not a crimped look.”Just be sure to prime your hair with a lot of moisture before braiding. “Using a good leave-in conditioner is key,” he says. “It helps to add moisture and encourage more bend in the hair.”Once you’ve woken up, Arruntegui recommends breaking it up and adding texture with a sea salt mist or texturizing hair spray once you’ve let your hair loose.How to do heatless curls if you have natural waves or loose curlsScrunchingYou can also use the braiding or sock-curling methods if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, according to Marjan — but with the right products, you can opt to let your hair air-dry without a mold.”For those with naturally wavy-curly hair, I would scrunch in a mouse or curl cream and let air dry,” Arruntegui advises. This is a go-to technique for more than a few curly-haired Allure editors and hairstylists.Deputy editor Kara McGrath, for instance, uses products like Fatboy Hair Tacky Oil and Bumble & bumble Surf Styling Leave-In on damp, towel-dried hair to help define her 2A waves. “I squirt the products into my palms, then use the praying-hands method to distribute it about an inch from my roots to the ends,” she says. “I scrunch a little to form the waves, then try not to touch it again until it’s totally dry.New York City-based hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, who has a mixture of waves, curls, and coils, scrunches with conditioner alone. “After shampooing my hair, I towel-dry it and apply conditioner while it’s damp,” she previously told Allure. “Starting at the ends, I take medium sections of the hair and add the product little by little as I work my way up to the roots. While I’m combing through the product with my wide-tooth comb, I turn my head upside down and scrunch the product in to maintain the texture of my hair.” Then, she simply lets it air dry while finger combing for added volume.

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