How to care for skin if you’re wearing face mask daily

Dr Mark Tang, Senior Consultant Dermatologist at The Skin Specialists & Laser Clinic, says the most common skin issue caused by frequent wearing of masks is eczema, which affects those who have hypersensitive skin. It can present itself in any form ranging from “redness, flaking, itching and in severe cases, oozing and crusting”.
Those with hyper-oily skin can also experience more frequent acne, including “clogged pores, inflamed red papules, pustules and in severe cases, nodules and cysts”.
Another issue he has noticed are pressure sores and skin tears on areas like the nose, upper cheeks and the sides of the cheeks. They can cause tenderness, crusting and wounds, which tend to resolve with dark marks and scars. These pressure-related skin issues are common among “those who need to wear tight-fitting N95 face masks for prolonged periods of time, especially healthcare workers”.

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