How Art Therapy Can Help With Anxiety

If staring at a blank page incites more feelings of discomfort than it does freedom for you, try coloring to get calm. Relieve yourself from the pressure to create something original by using the fixed lines as a guide; that way, you can focus less on innovating and more on emoting. And just like when you were a kid, the decision to color within the confines or outside of them is entirely up to you; opt for whichever would bring you the most peace. Once comfortable, experiment with shading and blending techniques. Naturally, though, the first step is getting yourself a coloring book.LetteringAlso known as modern calligraphy, lettering may help calm a mile-a-minute mind. Mastering the soothing brushstrokes takes lots of concentration and dedication. However, what the practice requires in time, it doesn’t in materials. You won’t need more than a single brush pen to start, though you’re bound to collect more colors as your creativity and capabilities expand and improve. Begin with tracing paper (or digital templates if you’re using a tablet and stylus) to learn the foundational loops, lines, turns, and curves, then start to explore your own unique style. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with your own font. Claywork If venturing into the world of ceramics (and the forming, firing, and glazing that it takes to make, say, a passable mug) piques your interest, go for it! But before all that, you can simply start with a handful or hunk of clay. The malleable material is at your mercy. It can be molded, pinched, and carved to your liking to reflect your feelings so that you can release them. 

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