Fourth of July sales on outdoor gear

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The 4th of July holiday brings with it more than just fireworks and barbecued hot dogs — there are also plenty of sales on outdoor gear from some of the industry’s top brands.This includes backpacks from Osprey, camp stoves from BioLite, adventure clothing from ExOfficio, and just about anything outdoor-related from REI.Make sure to check out our other 4th of July deals posts for more discounts.

With the 4th of July holiday upon us, there’s still plenty of summer left to be embraced and savored. That means spending as much time as possible in the outdoors before the days begin to noticeably get shorter and the cooler temperatures of autumn arrive.Whether you enjoy hiking, spending a few nights camping in the backcountry, or visiting a few of the newly reopened national parks, you’re probably going to need some new gear to see you through your adventures. Thankfully, some of the top outdoor retail outlets and brands are running excellent sales at the moment, making it the perfect time to add some new gear to your closet or upgrade crucial items that may be getting worn out.In fact, mid-summer is the perfect time to go shopping, as retailers look to clear their shelves to make space for the cold weather gear that will soon arrive. In order to do that, they’ll be heavily discounting products that are traditionally used during the warmer months, including tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, and warm-weather apparel.The best part of these timely sales is that you not only get to enjoy your new gear for the rest of summer but you’ll be well-stocked for the start of next summer, too. So, if the tread on your boots is starting to come undone or your rain jacket just isn’t keeping you as dry as it once did, now is a good time to go shopping.

Perhaps you need a larger tent or a bigger backpack to accommodate your expanding family or friend group. Or maybe you simply want to take up a new outdoor sport like trail running or stand-up paddleboarding. Taking advantage of sales is the best time to do just that, without putting too much strain on your wallet.We’ve combed the internet to find the best 4th of July sales for outdoor gear from outlets like REI and Backcountry, who are offering substantial savings on a host of products. Some of the biggest brands in the outdoor industry like Vasque and Osprey are even running their own impressive sales. So, why not take advantage of the savings they’re offering and substantially upgrade the gear you use most when spending time outside?Here are the best 4th of July sales on outdoor gear:

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