Foster kittens and dogs were greeted by animals at the San Antonio Zoo

Two kittens and two dogs took a field trip to the San Antonio Zoo in June.The Animal Defense League of Texas brought its adoptable pets to the zoo to raise awareness for animal adoption. The kittens and dogs interacted with hippopotamuses, giraffes, lions, and monkeys. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Tiny kittens were met by large leopards, and dogs interacted with monkeys, lions, and giraffes at the San Antonio Zoo in June.The goal was to raise awareness for animal adoptions. The Animal Defense League of Texas, an animal shelter, took a few of its adoptees on a field trip to the zoo.The kittens and dogs came face-to-face with lions, leopards, monkeys, hippopotamuses, and giraffes

Carla, an 8-month-old puppy, visited giraffes at the zoo.

Aymie Larralde/Animal Defense League of Texas

“This is such a fun way to showcase both of our organization’s missions and highlight the care we provide for animals in need and use the zoo’s platform to promote responsible pet ownership and adoption,” Tim Morrow, president and CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, said in a statement. 

The zoo shared a video on its Facebook page, and throughout it, wagging tails and perky ears can be spotted as the dogs interact with new animals for the first time. The animal shelter made two separate trips to the zoo. On the first trip, two kittens tagged along for some fun, and the second trip included Ella and Carla, two dogs available for adoption. On top of raising awareness for animal adoption, the interactions also provided enrichment for both the pets and zoo animals. “It really helps to stimulate natural behaviors and keep them happy and healthy,” a San Antonio Zoo animal care manager said in a video. 

The kitten, Dublin, curiously looked at one of the zoo’s bigger cats.

Aymie Larralde/Animal Defense League of Texas

Those interested in adopting can visit the shelter’s website and schedule a time to meet with the different animals looking for a forever home. 

This isn’t the first time during lockdown that animals have formed unlikely friendshipsA koala and wombat recently formed a friendship at the Australian Reptile Park, and orangutans and otters became best friends at a zoo in Belgium. 

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