Dansko Clogs Review 2020: Why I swear by these comfortable shoes

How Dansko clogs hold up to long-term wear


I’ve had multiple pairs of Dansko shoes that I’ve worn regularly for about five years, and they still show minimal signs of wear in the soles even though I often walk upwards of three miles a day. Dansko’s soles are typically strong, thick, and durable, though they do vary by style. The shoes with a classic clog sole last the longest. They’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and I’ve worn my pair of 2-inch Sam clog sandals for a solid eight-hour day of walking around New York City’s concrete streets without foot pain. The thicker soles offer great shock absorption and the molded footbed inside the shoes gives solid arch support.Even the pairs I have with 3-inch heels are remarkably comfortable. I usually save those for work, so I don’t walk in them as much, but I still do walk about three miles on an average workday, and my feet have never been in pain at the end of the day. All the pairs I’ve owned have had leather uppers, and the leather is also durable. It inevitably scuffs here and there, but shoe polish easily fixes that.The break-in period is generally painless for me, as the leather is flexible and supple enough to mold to my foot quickly. It’s not like breaking in a pair of classic Doc Martens, which can take months because the leather is so tough.Dansko uses European sizing, so you’ll want to check what size you are on a conversion chart. For example, I am a US size 8 in most shoes, but I occasionally buy sandals in size 7.5, so I get the European size 38, which corresponds to the US women’s size range of 7.5 to 8. This size fits perfectly and has been my go-to size for Dansko shoes.Zappos has a nifty tool to help you find the right size without having to look at a chart. The store also offers returns within a year, provided the products are unworn and in the original packaging, so if you get the wrong size, you can return them. Just make sure you don’t remove any of the tags, you don’t damage them in any way, and you try them on briefly at home like you would in the store. Zappos will send a printable pre-paid return label or you can request to have one mailed to you if you don’t have a printer.If you want to do an exchange to get a different size, you have to return the original pair within 14 days. Once the exchange is processed, the cost of the original order will be put on an e-gift card so you can do the exchange and get the right size.I’m here to warn you that some people will judge your Danskos, but that’s hardly a downside so long as you love them. Depending on your shoe size, the European size conversion may be a bit difficult to get right — especially the first time. Some in-between sizes are hard to match.Dansko has lots of different sole types, and some last longer than others. The styles that are more like normal shoes than like clogs have the shortest lifespan in my experience. Those soles types just wear down faster than the solid clog style.The traditional professional clog style doesn’t stay on my feet as well as pairs that are more fitted or that have straps, so I don’t wear them when I need to walk a lot because it bugs me. Lots of people feel differently and swear by them for jobs that require them to stand on their feet for hours at a time.A lot of Dansko’s sandals have metal buckles, and I’ve tried a few pairs that had a strap that chafed against my ankle bone. I’m picky about strap placement, so now I look for pairs where the strap hits at the right angle. As with buying any shoes online without being able to try them on, there is some trial and error.I’ve owned a number of different Dansko shoes over the years. Many of the styles I still wear are no longer sold, but some of the newer and classic styles are still available. Below you’ll see some of my favorites:

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