Coloured Raine’s Safari Raine Lipstick in Queendom Is My New Favorite Vegan Lip Color — Review

As a beauty editor, I’m in possession of what some people would call an enviable amount of lipsticks. I call it an embarrassing amount. That’s because even if a certain color is something I should put in my rotation immediately — something that looks like everything I’ve ever wanted in a lipstick — it can take me months (years even) to get around to trying it because I feel a weird obligation to go through the products I receive in chronological order. (It’s a terrible system, and I really should change it.)Coloured Raine launched its Safari Raine collection in spring 2019, but the three lipsticks from the line have sat untouched in my “New Lipstick Bin” for over a year. Just recently, however, as a spot opened up in my brick-red lipstick lineup, it gave me the perfect opportunity to finally try the shade Queendom. And immediately, I wanted to kick myself for not opening it the moment I’d received it so many months ago.The Black-owned brand describes its Safari Raine Lipsticks as having a “wonderful soft matte texture that allows for long wear,” but I didn’t need to wear it for more than a few minutes to know that it would instantly earn a priority spot in my train case. It glides on with much more ease than what I’ve come to expect from matte lipsticks, and it was so comfortable that I almost forgot I was wearing it until I caught my reflection and remembered I was wearing an absolutely stunning shade of red with orangey-brown undertones.Although I’m personally not a vegan, I can’t help but appreciate that Safari Raine Lipstick is completely devoid of animal-derived ingredients. Instead, it features of blend of waxes, oils, and clay that give a pleasant feel and perfect foundation for rich pigment — not just that of Queendom, but of the other two shades: a rich, deep brown called Huntress, and a beige-leaning pink called May She Raine.May this serve as a reminder to all of us — especially me — not to wait to try a lipstick (or any product for that matter) that could very well become a fast favorite.Coloured Raine’s Safari Raine Lipsticks are available for $15 each at

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