Celebrities on how they’ve explained racial inequality to their kids

Sheinelle Jones said her children all cried after learning about George Floyd’s death.

Sheinelle Jones shared a photo with her daughter.

Sheneille Jones/Instagram

The news anchor’s children — Kayin, 10, and twins Clara and Uche, 7 — asked about Floyd’s death after they watched the news as a family, she shared during an episode of NBC’s “Today.”Jones recalled telling them that Chauvin did a “bad thing,” but the kids pushed for more information.”They looked at me, and they’re like, ‘Your little mom answers are not good enough,”’ she said, continuing, “Clara asked, ‘Why would he do that?’ I said, ‘Well, Mom doesn’t have an answer, and the little guy goes, ‘So it’s because he has brown skin like us, that’s why he’s being mean to him?’ And then Kayin goes, ‘So why are they being mean to people with brown skin, are they going to be mean to me?'”By the end of the conversation, Jones said all three of her children were in tears and went to sleep “afraid.””I’m over here trying to come up with things to say. It was really traumatic for me, for them. I went to bed with such a heavy heart,” she said. The television host also explained that she and husband Uche Ojeh try to “build them up” but have realized that they can’t fully “shield” them from injustice.”We do all the things we’re supposed to do, get Clara her Black Barbie dolls, get Kayin his books about strong Black men. You want to build them up, but the world is the world, and it will strip away everything you’ve built them up with,” she said. Jones added, “It’s out of your control, and I think that is why I cried out of my sleep because my beautiful brown children with their big brown eyes, I can’t shield them from the things that happen, and the truth hurts to talk about.”

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