A couple lives with their twin daughters in a 350-square-foot RV

April Gilleland and Jason McMillan moved into an RV with their twin daughters so they could save money. The 350-square-foot remodeled RV has one bedroom that the twins share, while Gilleland and McMillan sleep on a pull-out couch. The lot their RV is parked on has enough space for a vegetable garden and a patio. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

If you ask tiny house owners the reason they downsized, you’d get a variety of reasons. Some would say to travel the country and some would say to go off-grid. But April Gilleland and Jason McMillan moved into a 350-square-foot RV with their twin daughters, Adalyn and Brooklyn, because they wanted to save money. After going through an extensive remodel, their RV is now a chic home that is helping the family work towards a financial goal. Take a look inside the family’s house on wheels. 

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