9 things bartenders might never do again after the pandemic

As many bars and restaurants nationwide begin to reopen their doors to customers and dine-in service, you might be surprised by the things bartenders and servers can never do again.Insider spoke to Jacob Briars, the global advocacy director at Bacardi Limited, about what customers can expect from bars and restaurants as they begin to reopen, from the absence of shareable drinks to a different kind of menu.”Ultimately we crave human interaction and the sense of community that bars and restaurants provide, and if we all play our part we can be back to that soon,” he told Insider. “We go to bars for a feeling of community. And so, I would also urge everyone to find ways to support their local bars however they can — they are such a big part of our neighborhoods, so be sure to give them your business in whatever way is safe to do so, to make sure we have bars to go back to!”Here are nine things servers and bartenders might never do again after the pandemic.

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