7 Meditation Techniques for Beginners

She says that her current favorite guided meditation is “Accepting Emotional Discomfort” by Julien Lacaille, available on InsightTimer. “This meditation is simple enough for the absolute beginner, using simple mindfulness techniques to examine our particular emotional landscape at that moment,” says Neufeld.4. Body ScanningA great body scan meditation can feel like going to the spa. Do you know how you can physically feel emotional pain, grief, and stress in your body? Body scanning helps to tackle just that. Lie down somewhere comfortable, such as on a yoga mat or rug. Close your eyes. Take a few minutes of deep breathing to get settled.When you’re ready, concentrate all your energy onto your feet and toes. Visualize any areas of discomfort. Then breathe deep into your feet, blowing away the pain, acknowledging your hurt. Then move up to your legs, butt, arms, back, and all the way through the top of your head. “Sometimes it can be challenging to sit with yourself, but the only way out is through, so start small, set a two-minute timer and build up. Ideally, you give yourself 15 to 20 mins a day,” says Emily Schmookler, a master trainer at CorePower Yoga.5. Loving-Kindness MeditationWe could all use loving-kindness, also known as Metta meditation, right now. Loving-kindness meditation is rooted in curating compassion. We sit and conjure not only loving-kindness for ourselves, but for our friends and family, and even the entire world. As Headspace explains, compassion for others begins with self-compassion. “It’s a great way to boost joy and love for self and others, as well as practice forgiveness and healing,” Schmookler says.Try a loving-kindness meditation by writing out a compassionate mantra for yourself, for example, “May I be happy and free.” Sit in a comfortable meditation position with your eyes closed and say that mantra out loud. Then direct it towards someone you care about. Visualize them and change the pronoun to reflect them, such as “May they be happy and free.” Finally, share compassion for the world by saying, “May all beings be happy and free.” You can make your mantras as long, short, or as with many lines as you please.6. Triangle MeditationWe often imagine meditation as a calm mind, filled only with tranquil ocean sounds. While that sounds nice, it’s an unrealistic goal for most. Instead of reaching for something idealistic, you can use counting and breath patterns to achieve relaxation benefits. According to Rev. Rucifer, a Reiki master teacher and founder of Reiki Bondage, one of the simplest meditations she teaches is called triangle meditation.”Visualize four counts of breath up the side of the triangle to the top, pause, four counts of breath down the side of the triangle on the exhale, followed by four counts to complete the triangle when all air is released from the lungs,” Rucifer says. Continue the visualization for as long as feels good for you.7. Walking MeditationAccording to metaphysical coach and Reiki teacher Maggie May Wilson, meditation is “the act of becoming familiar with our thoughts and feelings to enhance the quality of our human experience.” That sounds like something we could all benefit from in the time of stay-at-home orders. Next time you go for a social distancing walk, turn it into a walking meditation. Meditation is rooted in mindfulness, which means being fully present in the moment. Sometimes when we take a stroll our minds wander to stress and fears. A walking meditation asks you to focus on all five senses and your surroundings. Feel your foot slowly meet the ground. Hear the bristle of leaves. Become aware of the speed of your breath. “Walking is the best way to ground yourself if you are feeling heavy about something,” Wilson says.Think of walking meditation as using light physical exercise to shake off nasty thoughts. “The body becomes addicted to the emotions of judgment, anger, and fear because the more we think those thoughts the more stress hormones we produce,” Wilson tells Allure. Movement can help keep our minds present and meditative rather than stuck on worries. “Have fun with it though; listen to music that will literally make you dance,” she advises. “Chance is literally nobody’s watching.”Read more stories about mental health:Now, watch Lili Reinhart try nine things she’s never done before:Don’t forget to follow Allure on Instagram and Twitter.

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