5 tips to co-work peacefully with your family members when WFH gets tense

In Phase One of post-Circuit Breaker, a handful of workers have been deployed back to the office, while most continue to #WFH. For some, this extension is much welcomed, but for others, the news was received with dismay and disappointment. 
If you fall into the latter category, you’re not alone. WFH means that the entire family works, lives, and breathes together, day in and day out. While we love our families, it’s fair to say most of us have never spent this much time with them – ever. 
With everyone cooped up in such close quarters almost 24/7, it’s unavoidable that tensions will rise, the claws will come out, and the mildest of things (imagine: pen clicking, leg shaking, unnecessarily loud typing…) can rub even the most affable family members the wrong way.
Here are five tips for you to implement at home, to ensure that everyone can co-work harmoniously and to keep the peace. 

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