5 Puerto Rican Artists Create Looks for Puerto Rican Day

ALLURE: As a Puerto Rican, how do you perceive beauty and why is it important to you?CR: In our culture, looking good equals feeling good as much as it means doing well in life. My grandmother taught us to always look our best, [so we could] feel our best to get the part. I live by her lessons.What do you think characterizes a Puerto Rican’s approach to beauty?CR: Puerto Rican beauty is all about expressing our natural beauty to showcase our best features — big, dark eyes, [textured] hair, or a curvy body. All shapes and sizes are celebrated and looked at as beautiful. Then you add the island sassy flair and you have a whole lot of confidence. Cynthia AlvarezNuyorican hairstylist, @cynthiaglamALLURE: What’s the story behind the look you created?Cynthia Alvarez: Whenever I think of my Puerto Rican heritage, I think of beautiful people with big personalities. We love glam with color and sass. Whether it’s colorful eyes or lips, we’re here for it! Beautiful, bouncy curls are also a staple of our beauty. This was my interpretation of that vibe. ALLURE: How do you think Puerto Rican culture has influenced your work throughout your career?CA: Puerto Ricans are hard-working, loyal people. We are very family oriented and take pride in being good people. We are also creative and resourceful. These qualities are ingrained in me and have helped me in my career. To be a freelance hairstylist, you need to be all those things plus more. My cultural roots coupled with being a native New Yorker has allowed me to succeed in my field. As a Nuyorican, I’m a natural go-getter and hustler — it’s in my blood.ALLURE: As a Puerto Rican, how do you perceive beauty and why is it important to you?CA: My perception of beauty is different for everybody. I assess my clients individually as everyone’s idea of beauty varies. As a Puerto Rican, beauty always starts with glowing skin and healthy hair. It’s important that we nourish our bodies with a lot of fruit and water so our skin and hair glow in the sun. It’s a part of our tropical beauty regimen. ALLURE: What do you think characterizes a Puerto Rican’s approach to beauty?CA: Puerto Rico’s approach to beauty is all about being fun, bold, sexy, vibrant, and alluring. Our beauty is timeless but also has the ability to create trends and move the marker. However, beauty for us is so much more than just the outer. We also focus on our spirituality and relationship with God and that helps transcend our beauty. We want to shine inside and out.Regina RodriguezFilipina-Puerto Rican, Virginia native nail artist, @nailsbyregina

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