20 ways to volunteer in Singapore

COVID-19 has literally put a stop to most of our lives, #WFH has become the new norm and food delivery our new go-to for all our cravings. Life isn’t all that bad, especially when we have Netflix to entertain ourselves when we’re ‘bored in the house bored’, as the TikTok trend goes.
But this isn’t the case for the lesser privileged. Circuit Breaker has made it close to impossible for charities to run their usual programmes and for volunteers to give aid. 
With the new phases we’re easing into and hopefully the beginning of getting some normality back, volunteers for different causes are needed more than ever. 
We’ve collated different organisations that need help. Find a cause that you feel passionate about and see how you can meaningfully volunteer your time. Some charities are only accepting volunteers depending on the delicate situation now, while some could use your help today. Even then, monetary or even food donations are also always welcome!
What you can do now:

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