20 best colour-protecting shampoos for dyed hair

When was the last time you dyed your hair? Doesn’t matter if you dyed your hair right before the circuit breaker, or DIY-ed your own dye job at home, we all want our hair colour to be maintained for as long as possible.
It’s important to note that dyeing your hair can cause your strands to become dry and damaged, especially without proper care and maintenance.
To counter this, you should be reaching for colour-protecting shampoos. The best colour-protecting shampoos will do as their name suggests, they’re typically formulated to be more gentle so as to avoid any colour stripping.
The key words to look out for are “colour-protecting” or “colour safe”, as these shampoos will help nourish and hydrate damaged hair.
Do also bear in mind that there are also other shampoos that lend colours to your hair to give your hair a vibrant refresh, so give the label a read to ensure that it’s the colour you want.
Here are 20 shampoos specially formulated to help coloured hair last longer.

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