18 Best Asian American Founded Beauty Brands — Interview, Shop Now

“What drew me to transition from the fashion industry into the nail industry was the immigrant element and the high percentage of nail salon specialists with Asian ethnicities. I have seen lots of miscommunication happening in nail salons due to language barriers and cultural differences, so I feel strongly about bridging the gap between specialists and clients. I’ve tried to tackle this problem with little steps like naming our polishes by numbers so that both clients and specialists can recognize and pronounce the different polish shades.Sundays’ wellness element also has quite a lot of eastern influence, such as our guided meditation and mindful tea bar. There is a lot of inward reflection in eastern culture and a lot of outward expression and individuality in western culture — I am grateful to experience both and enjoy both, and so I merged both elements into the Sundays experience and products.I like L.01, a pastel pink, which goes well with my cool, pinkish skin undertone. It lights up the skin. I don’t get tanned easily during the summertime, so it’s great that the polish can be worn all season. I think your color choice speaks something about who you are, and L.01 shows my personality. The pastel color shows a minimal, clean look but also a little bit of a feminine touch.” — Amy Ling LinSara Shah, Journ BeautyCourtesy of brand”As a Pakistani who grew up in Dubai, I’ve learned some valuable lessons that have formed the foundation upon which we build Journ:Be unafraid of change. As a daughter of immigrant parents who left behind their well-rooted lives, careers, and loved ones for a better future for their children, I had seen my parents’ courage to fearlessly take on new challenges and adapt to this new, unfamiliar world. I recognize that I have it much better than my parents did, but it’s their courage that has always stuck with me as I build Journ and take on new challenges.Work hard and take nothing for granted. For many of my formative years, my parents lived apart and they did this so selflessly, not once making us feel like their lifestyle was a sacrifice. This served as motivation for me through the LSAT, law school, my legal career, and now following my passion for simplifying peoples’ lives through Journ.Journ was born out of my own journey with cystic acne. In searching for a solution, I learned that the beauty industry was not creating products with a focus on the underlying skin concerns of medium to deeper skin tones. I shared my frustration with Mir (my co-founder and husband) one day and he said to me, ‘If it doesn’t exist, let’s create it!’ We created Journ to not only to conceal, but over time, to help address skin concerns for all women, but those most prevalent in medium to deeper skin tones, such as dark circles and spots, hyperpigmentation, sallow skin, and more.

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