10 red flags that your marriage is headed for divorce

After 15 years of marriage, many were under the impression that singer Stella Chang’s relationship with her husband was rock solid. But when she announced her divorce recently, citing irreconcilable differences, many were shocked. Read the statement the ex-couple released through their lawyers about their divorce.

The statement read: “To those who are concerned about us, we regret to inform you about this news. We were unable to overcome our differences and decided to get a divorce. We’ve tried very hard, but we couldn’t resolve it, and filed for divorce last year. We decided to finalise it this year during the children’s summer vacation.”

“Though we won’t be husband and wife in the future, we will still be the parents of our children. The children will not lose the love from either of us because of our divorce.”

They added: “We ask that the public not speculate on the reason of our divorce as it’ll hurt the children. We also ask that they not disturb our family and friends. This may not be good news, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s the best decision.”

A marriage usually does not go from ‘till death do us part’ to ‘we’re getting a divorce’ without warning signs in between. But would you recognise these signs if you saw them? Here are 10 warning signs that might indicate that your ‘happily ever after’ might be heading towards an end.

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